Prince George's Family Justice Center: Lactation Room

Recently the Prince George’s Family Justice Center had opened a new wing in their facility which is a Lactation Room for their clients. This lactation room was designed by Independent Consulting Service and donated by non-for-profit organization Zonta Club of Mid-Maryland. The use of the room is for mothers in need of a place to nurse their children in a calm atmosphere. In ideal lactation rooms for some facilities are less private for most workplaces. This serves as an ideal for private rooms for mothers in need of treatment for themselves and their children.


In the begining stages like most facilities the actual room before it was re-designed was plain and uninviting for a women going through treatment .


In the redesign of the room that included volunteers from Zonta Club of Mid-Maryland in painting the room. Independent Consulting Service donated the furniture to brighten the room . Local Artist - Sasha McClain designed the giraffe mural which make the room more kid friendly. The examples of after the room was redesigned for public use.

The inspiration message:  “Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make the world a Beautiful Garden”.

The inspiration message: “Every child is a different kind of flower and all together make the world a Beautiful Garden”.

Model Lactation Room 1.png

In developing the concept of this room which included a 3D rendition created by Autodesk software for this Lactation Room.


SoBe Resturant & Lounge-Resturant Design

One of the more active resturants that has opened in Prince George's County which has recieved more patrons since their opening.  SoBe Resturant & Lounge which is located in Lanham, MD that has opened since February 2015 and has recieved excellent reviews from many of its patrons.  What the local community does not know is the Design Team that helped this resturant since its first opening last year.  

This was through the partnership of Richardson Design Studio and Independent Consulting Service for the patio atrium of this resturant.   In working with architectural process which starts though sketches and conceptural design as shown here by the Architect.


Sketch by Kendrick Richardson, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB  The Richardson Design Studio  Website:

Sketch by Kendrick Richardson, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB

The Richardson Design Studio


Through the Richardson Design Studio from these sketches produced what would be the plans for the outside atrium of SoBe Resturant & Lounge.

Preliminary Floorplan Atrium : SoBe Resturant & Lounge

Construction Documents for Parking Atrium

Richardson Design Group

Furniture & Section Plans: SoBe Resturant & Lounge
Furniture Plans: SoBe Resturant & Lounge

Furniture selection developed by Independent Consulting Service which includes lounge patio seating for the new resturant.

The final completion of the completion of the project was issued on August 2014.   SoBe Restaurant and Lounge opening took place on February 2015 and is in full operation.
 To see more images of SoBe Restaurantyou can view their website:

Reid Community Development Center

The Reid Community Development Center was established in 1994 in Prince George's County. Their mission is to enhance the quality of life for low and moderate income persons and the elderly (55 and older) who live in Prince Georges’ County Maryland and surrounding communities. These programs/services include: a) micro business development; b) job creation and workforce development; c) affordable home ownership programs; d) foreclosure mitigation seminars; and e) Senior wellness.  Reid Community Development Center operates a senior wellness center for 37-40 seniors, provides business development training and workshops for 160 persons a year and housing ownership and foreclosure prevention seminars for dozens of persons a year.  These programs have been in operation for at least 8 years and  the longest area of operation is the senior wellness center that began in 1999.

The development of the office build-out for Reid Community Development Center began in July 2011 and was completed by October 2012.  This office serves as a workforce training center and business incubator for the region of Prince George's County.  The office footprint is 1825 sq. ft. of space which has three offices, reception , training/conference room (as a swing space), kitchenette, copy room and business incubator.  The function of this space is to be used for the general public and business organizations.  conceptual designs of this office was developed to give an ideal corporate office/training center  which would have swing space to be converted for various uses such as meeting, training sessions and business transactions.  The occupancy for this suite is 20-50 persons which the organization expectations of growth to include another wing.   In reference to the build out location and conceptual space plan designs which gives an ideal business incubator for other models.

Mt. Rainer Bank- Artist Studio

In section near University of Maryland and Arts District of Hyattsville is a community with now is slowly being revitalized –Mount Rainer.  The Investment bank at 3800 34th Street which is now being considered for renovation to fit with the now Artist community in Mt. Rainer.  Neighborhood Design Center of Prince George’s County which has volunteers who are Architects, Interior Designers, Urban Planners and Architectural Students.   This existing bank will now be used as an artist studio and retail for the disabled.  The new owner of the property Compass Inc. which deals with rehabilitation of the disabled is looking to use the once Investment Bank as an artist studio for their patrons to display and sell their work.  The existing bank will have new paint, flooring, stairwell, elevator, and artist studio/classroom on the first floor, retail in the entry, artist studio on the second floor and accessible restrooms.   Examples of the project from the beginning stages to the final presentation drawings.

Alfred Street Baptist Church - Facility Renovation

The facility renovation at Alfred Street Baptist Church which it is located in Alexandria, VA. This renovation was focused on the public restrooms within the church facility. All required work involved removing existing utility fixtures, upgrading the HVAC system and upgrade the lighting system. The aesthetic part of the upgrade required new tile, restroom fixtures, new partitions and new lighting. In the concept for this upgrade to make the new public restrooms spacious, with ample lighting and clean look for public use. All sources that were selected through Interior Design and Facilities Administrator. In the finishes that were selected included Silestone, Daltile, American Standard, Scranton Products and Interceramic Tile. To develop a more updated state-of-the art restroom facilities the utility products selected where sensored which included the lighting. All tile and lighting sources followed USGB guidelines for LEED specifications.
The noted examples are exhibited in this portfolio of visual presentation, 3D rendition and final construction.

Examples are taken from the presentation for this project at this Religous facility which includes showing the final construction of the new restrooms which follow ADA compliance codes.

Neighborhood Revitalization in Hyattsville, MD

In the past nine years Hyattsville, MD has gone through a renaissance which new development has increase where once abandon town. The town is near University of Maryland which the main artery road is Baltimore Avenue near University Town Center. The current population in this town is 17,551 from the 2010 census. About 20.5% of the populations hold a college degree , 16.7 percent hold post-graduate degree and 28.4% have a high school diploma. The City of Hyattsville is culturally diverse community which various individual, college students and businesses moved to this region. One of their programs is the Community Sustainablity Plan for various parts of Hyattsville. This includes community parks, schools and public buildings. The effort is to improve growth and develop more sustainable enviornment . This woudl be considered smarth growth in this local town. Many of the once abandoned buildings are now being reused for mixed-use projects. This includes retail, restaurant, office space and residential. In the movement of the privatization, the volunteer work of concept projects which involve municipal center, local garage and retail. Much of the redevelpment in Hyattsville,Md is being conducted through non-for-profit organizations, City of Hyattsville and Prince George's County Government.